• The Reset

    I told a friend of mine recently; the reset button on life is your mind. Reset your brain to thinking positively and be the change you want to see. And BOOM, RE-DO!

  • Hiatus.

    In this blog post, I become transparent about my relationship with my father and how to move on past the pain of his absence.

  • What Is Love?

    Love is bigger than we are, there’s no way of us dictating how or when it shows its face. Love is unconditional, without stipulation, agendas, or codes. It is unpredictable and undeniable.

  • The Stigma.

    There is a negative stigma on mental health issues, in the black community. Many of us are living with depression, personality disorders, anxiety and so on. What can we do as a community…

  • Me, Myself, and I

    Sol•i•tude | noun the state of being alone. Seclusion: enjoying your own company. The world is only a click away today. We no longer live in times where being to yourself is perceived…

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