“Can’t Raise A Man”



He got older but never grew

For his life, he can’t tell the truth

How to love he ain’t got a clue

Playing games like he’ll never lose, you


Ladies, you ever been with a “man” and just like K said you watched him get older but he never really grew. Let’s say you’ve been with this person for two years. Instead of him continuing all the things he did to get you; it just seemed like he declined in all aspects of loving you…right? I mean he chased you from here to Sunday to get you vulnerable and as soon as you opened up, it seemed like a Dr. Jekeyl and Mr. Hide moment.

You now realize, he has no real clue on how to love you, but he loves the thought and security of you. It’s how good you make him feel, but all the while neglecting your needs. Playing games, lying, and making you feel crazy. That’s why K made this song. She knew most of us would feel this on a spiritual level.



Try to talk to him, can’t get through

Every day he’s a different dude

These are the signs of a grown ass boy

Better run for the hills, I’m just trying to keep it real


You keep trying to teach him how to love you (cue Musiq Soulchild), and it seems like he’s purposely refusing to learn. “Because where are you going right?” Or “You’re asking for too much” oh and the best one; “that’s just not me!” Every day you have no idea who you are going to get: one day he’s hot, and the next day he’s cold. Sis, these are all RED FLAGS that we like to ignore. Especially when in the beginning he was everything you wanted him to be.

Well, girl let me tell you; you have the case of the F***B** on your hands. Skrrt skrrt. #gottablast



You can’t raise a man, he’s already grown, what you gonna do?

You wonder why he acts like a boy

It’s ’cause he wasn’t raised right before you

Girl, you ain’t never gonna change nobody

If he don’t wanna, you can’t make nobody

‘Cause you can’t raise a man, no, no


If this “man” showed you repeatedly, he can’t love you right. What are you hanging onto? The beginning? The potential? Or the fact that you believe you can change him? Girl, the beginning is gone. It was his parents’ job to teach him how to love a woman not yours (he’s not your son). Pay attention to the NOW. It’s not that he isn’t capable of loving you the way that you need him to because he did it to get you, remember? He just doesn’t care enough to love you the right way (he’s comfortable) … and in turn, you’re in your own way.

This type of man can stunt your glow. Have you feeling insecure because you feel like you’re not enough. Maybe even questioning what you did to make things this way. Relationships change over time, yes, but that doesn’t mean either partner should treat the other as if they are replaceable and no longer a gift. PRO TIP: please do not fall for the once you leave he get some act right because that’s manipulation.



Jolie’s I’ll leave you with this. Set boundaries on how people should treat you because when YOU respect YOU, everyone follows suit. Don’t allow anyone to project their insecurities or inabilities on you for their selfish gain. There is someone out there that will love you the way you need it. But it starts with YOU. Be patient and don’t settle for less. 

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