Let’s Talk About Self Baby!

Self-reflection: careful thought about your behavior and beliefs.

Life is going on around us, and often we find ourselves losing focus on what’s important. It is so easy for us to be busy enough to get lost in the day, month, or for some the year. Today is the perfect time for us to elevate past the stigma “this is just who I am.” Accountability is everything. This blog post will be about setting time aside for self-reflection. Below will be tips and tricks to help you on your journey.

“Man in the mirror.”

  • Talk to yourself in the mirror. There is no one here to judge so don’t judge yourself. Tell your reflection how you genuinely feel. Good or bad you’re on the right track. If you are negative towards yourself then its time to heal and practice more self-love!

Have a good cry! 

  • I am so serious y’all… If you’re anything like me, you probably don’t like to cry. There’s a lousy connotation around crying like its a sign of weakness, but understand it takes strength to heal.

Pros and cons.

  • Ask the people around you (that genuinely love you) positive and negative things about your personality. Make a list. Then make improvements where needed. It’s good to know how you come off to people at times for self-awareness. (conscious tip: have an open mind and get out your feelings)

Count your blessings!

  • Do you know how blessed you are? If you’re reading this, you’re probably on your phone (blessing). You’re awake (blessing). Is the sun shining (even if it’s not its still a blessing!)? Count all the little things and take nothing for granted.

A blast from the past!

  • Take time to reflect on your past. Situations when you may have reacted a certain way and why. Gage your reactions.
  • Let go of any negative feelings and grudges you still hold. If the past didn’t happen, you would not be who you are today. So move on!
  • Return to the present. After forgiving yourself and others and moving on from the past. You will have a better perspective of the now and the future.

Jolie’s, I will leave you with this; self-reflection is our ability to examine our character, motives, and actions in any situation. Without it, we become disconnected from ourselves, God, and others. It’s time for us to hold ourselves accountable and be more self-aware so that we can fulfill our purpose and God’s vision for our lives.

As always with love,
Alexandra Joli

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