Me, Myself, and I

Sol•i•tude | noun
the state of being alone. Seclusion: enjoying your own company.

The world is only a click away today. We no longer live in times where being to yourself is perceived as normal. We are constantly connected to our jobs, our phones, and people every day. But when are we just with ourselves? When do we find the time to enjoy our own company.

Me, Myself, and I…

The power of being alone is matchless, and this is not to be confused with being lonely. Solitude has so much to offer your existence and should be experienced regularly. It may be healthy to go into solitude because there are many physical and psychological benefits to spending time alone.

Solitude allows you to unwind your mind. We are continually thinking, and a lot of times our thoughts are consumed with others’ opinions. It’s good to stop, unplug and focus on YOUR thoughts and voice. Discovering yourself is difficult when you are constantly attached to a group or individuals. The better you know yourself, the better you can be to those around you.

Creativity flourishes in solitude. Why? Because, you can dig deep into your own ideas, think outside the box, and focus on problems without influence from other parties. It allows you to ground yourself and to rediscover your goals and what is important to you.

Here are a few tips on how to go into solitude:

  • Shut yourself off from the rest of the world.

Take lunch breaks alone. Take daily walks by yourself. Wake up early at home before others wake up. Go to work early and set up for a great day. Turn off your phone and just be.

  • Run away!

Take a road trip somewhere that has nature all around. Go to your local park and enjoy the scenery. Take a much-needed vacation by yourself and enjoy the beauty all around us. Don’t set big expectations on the “runaway”; enjoy and see where life takes you.

  • Schedule solitude.

It can be just 20 minutes or a few days at a time. Just like we schedule doctors appointments, nail appointments, etc.… we can set time aside to be with ourselves.

Be okay with the fact that everyone may not be receptive to you spending time with yourself. That could be due to insecurities, overdependence, the feeling of rejection, or just the thought of always having you around. Reassure them that you are still here, but for you to be whole, you have to separate to be great. Just do it. They will adjust to your new normal.

Jolie’s, I will leave you with this. Don’t feel guilty for making time for self. Solitude can help you find what inspires you, what excites you! Spending time with yourself is preventative medicine, so take it.

Love always,
Alexandra Joli

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